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  • icatsight people

    icatsight people

    Dreaming the wildest dream is how Icatsight people initiated the brand. Started with the concept of adding charms to an apparently fierce outdoor life, Icatsight people dare to challenge, dare to innovate, dare to break the boundaries between products and...

  • Lighten up, Discover Cool

    Lighten up, Discover Cool

    What could we do with icatsight?  

  • Trademark


    The following is a non-exhaustive list of trademarks in the name of Icatsight USA Inc. (the “United States Marks”) (collectively “Icatsight” and the “Icatsight Marks”),that may be used on the respective Icatsight digital platforms. Permission from Icatsight is required in order to use any of Icatsight Marks. Please...

  • Product Awards

    Product Awards

      Credits: Design: Jonas Ceppa, Zhang Jianpeng, Hong Kong, SAR   Reference: About Product: Loop light is a wearable portable light designed for maximum convenience. The use of silicone and its inherent flexible properties forms a simplified hinge, which...