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About Us

WHO IS alt+?

alt+ is an award winning design studio specializes in industrial, interaction design, branding communication, engineering and new product development.

Our team is a group of international, multi-talented designers and innovators with creativity, passion, professionalism, and efficiency, which combines and utilizes each perspective to create unique products and experiences for people. We believe that creative collaboration, professionalism, and efficiency are important attributes to have to deliver exceptional results.

We strive to provide design-oriented products and services that increase qualities and competitiveness in a prominent way.


Not all the outdoor activities are always rugged. Instead of going on adventures in the face of the end of the world, leisure activities like jogging, family camping, fishing and walking dogs, etc., are commonly spotted in daily life.

Therefore, a lamp that with aesthetic shape, simple to use, easy to carry is more pleasurable and suitable than professional equipment. ICATSIGHT is a portable magnetic lamp designed for maximum convenience in various cases of daily life. It is changing the stereotype of outdoor lighting rugged image. Thanks to its extreme portability, users are allowed to light up in the vast majority of circumstances in their lives, including car maintenance, and emergencies.

With the help of ICATSIGHT light, people will not have to worry about where to put their light, how to use the light, or if they are going lose or drop the light while using it. All they need to do is simply snap it on their shirts, then their lives will be easily lighted up.